The Adventures of Cat Man and Box Man: Bachelorette Season 17, Episode 1

Well, Bachelor Nation, our beloved show is finally back on our television screens and I am psyched! But the first episode left me with some questions: Were these guys really excited Katie was the Bachelorette, or is that just a line? What is the obsession these men have with capri slacks? Is Katie sex positive, or is she just a grown ass woman that knows how to communicate effectively about sex? And why were all the men sweating!?

Before we met the men, we had to be reminded that Katie is the quirky girl next door, that likes to talk about (and presumably have) sex. It feels like the producers really want us to believe that Katie is an all American girl that is totally normal and relatable. And I’m sure for the mostly white women who watch this show, she is. I don’t think we need her awkwardly looking at the camera when she shouldn’t be to prove that.

But I digress, we also learn that her parents weren’t together growing up and she felt like she never saw examples of a real relationship/marriage, which I imagine will be a theme that comes out as she eliminates more men.

I enjoyed this premiere, I’d go as far to say it’s my favorite since I began watching this show (Rachel’s season). The men seemed genuine, Katie made me believe that she’s in this “for the right reasons,” and Kaitlyn and Tayshia were a nice surprise.

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Be a Katie? I’m Skeptical

There’s something I should get out the way immediately, I wasn’t a fan of Katie Thurston on Matt’s season of The Bachelor and I’m still trying to do the mental math to understand how someone who came in tenth (?) place is about to be on our screens in a matter of days as the lead.

Katie reminds me of every white girl from rom coms growing up. She’s conventionally pretty, slightly awkward, did exactly one noble thing that’s supposed to erase any harm she may have caused, and she’s “quirky” becuase she brought a vibrator to Nemacolin on night one.

To say the least, I’m not impressed. Not when there were plenty of women of color in Matt’s top ten, eight, six, that production could’ve chosen from.

Katie being picked feels like production said “we gave you TWO Black leads back to back, damn, be grateful!” as if we haven’t watched the human equivalent of Crest White Strips compete for love for the last two decades.

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