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It goes without saying, but we’re all adults here. Let’s act like it. While this blog is about authenticity and keeping it real, it will not be tolerated at the expense of putting down others. Some heavy topics will be covered on this blog. Attack the idea, not the person.

Still not picking up what I’m putting down? Don’t be an ass. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to a persons face. If you’re hiding behind a fake photo or made up name, maybe keep your comment to yourself.

Please, Share your ideas

I don’t assume that I know it all (even if my blogs read like that sometimes). If I got something wrong, let me know.

Got a topic you wish I’d cover? Email me, leave a comment, tweet me, get at me somehow. I want to cover topics you all want to see. So please, never hesitate to let me know what you’re looking for.

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Fam, I can’t do anything for you and your mixtape. I can’t get you a book deal, or help you get on at company. If could, I probably would.

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