Happy New Year + Exciting News!

 Happy new year and welcome back!ย  Happy new year and welcome back!

Happy New Year y’all! I know it has been a minute (or five) since I’ve written anything. To be honest, I keep going back and forth on what the purpose of this blog is. While I’m not sure the break gave me a clear cut answer, I do know that I missed blogging semi-regularly and want to get back to it this year.

There is so much going on in our world. Our president is a literal child, North Korea is ready to throw hands and men can’t keep their hands off of women. It’s really easy to get bogged down by all the bad news, but there’s so much to be thankful for and so much I’m looking forward to in the new year.

Towards the end of 2017, I took a few hours to write down my goals and forecast for them. I got this idea from Franchesca Ramsey, a media idol of mine. I’m a list person, a resolution person and a goal setter. I always have been, but I have a tendency to have these HUGE goals and get so bogged down by the magnitude of them that I give up.

So, I broke my goals into little pieces this year, like Ramsey suggests. I also wrote them down. I like to journal anyway, but I bought a notebook specifically for 2018 goals. Not for my freelance notes, not for interviewing sources, but for my 2018 goals. Right now, the plan is to revisit them at least once a month and see where I’m at, where I can be doing better, what I’ve completely forgotten about.

My mantra for this year is to “do the work.” Towards the end of last year, I felt like God kept putting scriptures and devotions in my life that all said the same thing: Get to work. I’ll admit, I felt guilty, especially in the last three months of the year about all I wasn’t doing. I’d have an idea to pitch to an editor, but I wouldn’t, there were job postings that I seemed perfect for, but I didn’t apply. I was doing the bare minimum. I think it was fear and depression holding me back (but that’s for another post).

I hit the ground running last Monday. I’ve spent the first week of the year pitching, applying, editing, forecasting for my 2018. I’ve just got this really good feeling about this year. Not on some new year, new me shit, but this year I’m going to be stronger, more in love with myself and the people in my life. My work is going to increase and with it, my income. I’m moving out of my parents house and taking the next step with my boyfriend (๐Ÿ‘€) God willing. I legitimately feel refreshed, renewed and already have exciting news to share!

As some of you know, I wrote my first novel in 2015. Over the last two years I have edited it, sent it off to agents and gotten denial, after denial, after denial. But I believe in this book, I believe in my series and in diverse media that our world so desperately needs. So, I submitted it to Kindle Scout, an Amazon platform that allows readers to choose the books they want to see published on Amazon’s author platform. I made it through the first round and so now I need your help (and your friends, coworkers and family members help too ๐Ÿ™ƒ).

For the next 30 days, an excerpt of my book will be available to read and share with the world. If you like what you’ve read, please select the blue “Nominate me” button, make sure you’re signed into your Amazon account (or create one–all it takes is an email) and nominate Freshman Year Confessions. At the end of the 30 days, Amazon reviews the most nominated excerpts and extends a book offer to a few lucky writers.

I want to be one of those writers.

I have prayed over this and wished for this for so long. This book, the entire series is six years in the making. I got the idea for it my freshman year of college and didn’t act until I lost my first job post grad. Writing this book has been therapeutic, difficult and exciting. Words really cannot express how badly I would like to have the opportunity. For girls of color to read about a character to look like them,ย for anyone who has gone through heartbreak and depression. This book is for you. I want it to reach as many people as possible. So, I ask for your nomination and your social media shares with others. Even if the book doesn’t speak to you, send it to someone you think it might speak to.

It really means the world to me.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to anyone reading this. Thank you for making it to the bottom of this post, thank you for every like, share and comment you’ve made on this blog. Thank you for every friend you’ve told and email of mine you’ve opened. I don’t say it enough and so I wanted to make sure I started this year with a bit of gratitude. I hope to make you all proud.


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