Drippin’ in Finesse

 The $400 Prada sunglasses that I almost spent my American coins on.
The $400 Prada sunglasses that I almost spent my American coins on.

Something that you all may not know, but will come to is that I love the finer things in life. Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and outlet malls are my best friends. Most of the accessories I own are name brand. Not because I can afford them, but because I love a good sale. 

My favorite accessory as of late: sunglasses. I grew up wearing glasses, so I missed out on a good 12 years of sunglass wearing. I’m just trying to make up for lost time. 

My most recent obsession: these beautiful Prada sunglasses. Unfortunately, the price tag is a joke. At $390, it’s way out of my budget.  

Still, that didn’t stop the Sunglass Hut associate from trying to convince me otherwise. It went something like this:

Her: Aren’t they beautiful? 
Me: Mhm. They’re something. 
Her: They’re Prada. An SH exclusive. You won’t find them anywhere else. 
Me: *checks price* Yikes. That’s not in my budget. 
Her: I know girl, but sometimes you have to splurge, especially on items as rare as these. 
Me: I’ll take my chances. 
Her: Good luck with that.

 The $12 Max Studio version from Marshall's.
The $12 Max Studio version from Marshall’s.

So, I’m making my way through Marshall’s for my weekly shopping trip (don’t judge me) and I end up at the sunglass rack. They’re pretty picked over. I squat down and at the very bottom of the carousel, I see them. 

I think back to the woman from Sunglass Hut and all I can do is laugh. Associates like to act like you can’t find the exact same mass produced stuff at other places. You can. It just takes some work. I’ve spent embarrassing amounts of time scouring the aisles at TJ Maxx and loading page after page on The Real Real website, but I’ve always found what I want at a better price. 

So, if you find yourself wanting the finer things in life, do your research. Know how much something costs, but also understand how much it’s worth. Check out second hand sites like The Real Real  and Poshmark. Frequent TJ Maxx, Plato’s and even Goodwill (especially in nicer parts of your town), these stores get new merchandise every week and it doesn’t last long! 

Happy shopping and don’t forget to show me what you snagged on Twitter


P.S. Looking for new hate blockers? Check out my favorite below!

Dolce and Gabbana Cat Eye

Mirrored Cat Eye (affordable)

Tortoise Rounds (affordable)

Chunky Prada Cat Eyes

Tory Burch Rounded Squares

Guess Tortoise Sunnies (on sale!)

Oversized Versace

Tortoise Circulars (affordable)

Got tips for how to snag luxury finds for less? Sharing is caring; tell me about them below and tweet me your fab finds.

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