Encourage Yourself

I woke up a few mornings ago and this song was in my spirit. I think I had actually been humming it all weekend and didn’t realize what song it was until today.

The church I grew up in sang it a lot and I vividly remember my mom being really into it whenever it came on. I didn’t fully understand it, not because I was a child or anything, but simply because my faith had never been tested in the way that it is now. I never felt the need to encourage myself because things were never “that bad” for me.

Now that I’m dealing with job loss, being in a long distance relationship and ultimately failure, I know I need to be positive. I know I’ve got to speak victory during a test, but honestly, it’s so difficult.

A few weeks back when I was counting down the hours until I left to go back home for the holidays I told myself I would pray every time I got down on myself and had negative thoughts. I spent a lot of my days praying, but I never quite felt like I was more positive.

What I realized was even though I was trying to be positive when I’d get on social media, or turn on the news, or talk to friends, the conversations were bombarded with negativity. So, I unfollowed all the toxic accounts on social and replaced them with accounts that were positive and posted testimonies and scriptures (@wisdomfeed and @instagodministries are great on Instagram). I prayed when I saw tragic stories on the news and I spoke positivity into loved ones who were being hard on themselves. I even put encouraging messages on my own social channels.

Even though I wasn’t encouraging myself, doing these things made me feel better.

Sometimes it’s not so much about looking yourself in the mirror and saying positive affirmations that you don’t believe, but rather watching what you say that’s negative and watching what you consume that’s negative. Without even realizing, the negativity that I was surrounded by was sucking the life out of me and so staying encouraged felt impossible.

What we have to remember is life and death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). What we speak, we become. If you call yourself a loser and say that you’ll never get it right, chances are you won’t. But if you speak positively, if you speak like you’ve already got the victory knowing that you’ve gotten through 100% of your hardest days on earth so far, things will start to come together.

So speak over yourself, encourage yourself, in the Lord.

God Bless,


Photo credit: Wavy1 via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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