Trusting God’s plan for my life (and yours too)

Last fall, I enrolled in a TV Criticisms class at Mizzou. After just one day, it quickly became my favorite class I have ever taken at Mizzou. My professor treated us like adults, we got to watch TV in class, like, all the time and the class landed me a job.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care too much about details, I guess you can stop reading now, because you’ve gotten the point of this post. But if you’ve got some time, sit down, lay back and get comfortable because I have an awesome testimony and I cannot help but share it.

All semester long we were to work on a project where we took our favorite TV show and looked at it through a critical lens (using all the terminology and materials we learned). I was OBSESSED with this project, I got to watch copious amounts of Scandal and fangirl with my teacher during her office hours, it was awesome.

By the time December rolled around I was so proud of the research I had done and so excited to share it with the class (which hasn’t really happened during my time in college, awk). Turns out, my professor loved it too. So much so that I was chosen as one of ten students who would present their projects during Communication Week in April. I was excited to share my hard work with the department, especially since my research was a topic so near to my heart.

As my presentation day got closer, my professor mentioned that there would be cash prizes for the top three posters. My motivation doubled. I’m very competitive and I wanted to win. I needed to be the best. I was going to be the best.

Presentation day comes and I’m so pumped to wow the judges. I chose the first board to ensure that every single person who came in the door would have to walk by my project, I flashed my warmest smile and gave my elevator pitch again and again and again.

People loved it, I got so many positive comments and my project started an awesome dialogue about black women in television and how it effects black women in real life. I was so sure I had placed, if not won the entire thing. So you can imagine the sting I felt when the top three were announced and my name was not called.

I went home pretty bummed, I truly did not understand how I didn’t win. I mean, my project was fantastic, my speech was on point and I looked pretty darn cute too (just saying).

I didn’t get a check from the Communication Department that night, but I did get a business card from a recruiter at Barkley, one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies in the country. Their client list includes companies such as Dairy Queen, Sprint, Hershey’s and so many more.

I spent all night writing and rewriting my first email to Barkley. I didn’t want to sound too desperate, I didn’t want to come off nonchalant and I wanted to make sure my resume screamed “your company ain’t complete without a chief like me,” (the slogan I had put on my grad cap).

At this point, I couldn’t even tell you what my email said, or what I sent to back up that slogan I so confidently put on my grad cap, but damn was I nervous. The company seemed too good to be true, awesome clients, passionate people all wrapped up in a city that I love so much (that is also close enough to Mizzou so I can visit my best friends). It was perfect and I wanted it.

It wasn’t until I accepted the job offer about two weeks ago that I realized just how much God works in mysterious ways. I never would have thought last August that a class about television and a project about Scandal, would lead me to my first job at a company that fits my personality and skill set so perfectly. But that’s the thing about the Almighty, He works in ways we cannot even begin to fathom. He makes moves that we just could not have made ourselves. He has the final say.

Looking back at it, losing out on a few hundred bucks was well worth the career I am about to start at Barkley. I am so thankful for this experience.

But this post isn’t just about me, I wanted to leave those of you reading this with some encouragement. If you’re going through hell, if nothing is making sense right now, keep going. Don’t give up or stop because it’s hard and recognize that sometimes hearing no, is actually a blessing in disguise. Keep your head up. You didn’t come this far to be left alone. You got this.


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