#YesAllWomen is/are important

This is fantastically written and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The actions of Elliot Rodger yesterday and then the backlash towards women that ensued is the exact reason why we all still need feminism.

the words not fit to print

As fleeting as a hashtag movement may seem, it means something. When hundreds of thousands of women from around the world come together to publicly recognize their experiences en masse for what they are — aggression, assault, violence, rape, sexism, products of a broken society — it means something.

When those hundreds of thousands of women recognize that many of them have experienced the same catcalls, gropes, thoughtless comments and violence it means something: We, dear society, have a problem.

The ability to discuss these minutes of explicit fear and torture, tallied up unconsciously, has been lacking for centuries. With the advent of the sexual revolution, feminism and the relative ease of online expression the code of silence has lifted. Slightly.

Even if no action outside of the Twittersphere evolves, at least we had the conversation in the first place.

But still, the few times I added my voice to #YesAllWomen I…

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