21 Lessons Learned In 21 Years Of Living

With my 21st birthday coming up, I really wanted to take some time to reflect on what I’ve learned over the past 21 years, which of course means I made a list. I was hoping it was something that could reach a lot of people because 1) people love lists (even the people that say they hate them) and 2) every time I read over this list, it makes me feel a little bit better about where I’m headed in life. For a second time this semester, I have been blessed to have my words featured on Thought Catalog, words can’t express how thankful I am. Happy early birthday to me!

Thought Catalog


I know what you’re thinking, not another list from a twenty-something that has yet to experience life. Twenty-one years may not be that long, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a lot. This list may not reflect everyone’s 21 years of life, but it sums up mine pretty damn well and if it helps someone else along the way, well hey, that’s cool too.

1. You don’t know everything. As the miss-know-it-all of my friend group in high school (and maybe even still a little bit today) this has been a tough pill to swallow. What I thought I knew 100 percent, I maybe only know a quarter of and what I thought I kind of knew, I definitely don’t know at all.

2. No matter how much you claim you want to be single, you will find yourself going back to that one guy or looking for a…

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