Remember today, forgotten tomorrow

Monday in class we talked about the Boston Marathon and mainly focused on how we as a class all heard the news from different outlets, which is just a part of the technological changes our society has been undergoing the past few years. But what surprised me most about all the stories we viewed, was the after effects of it all. In fact, after one of the newscasts that described the suspect as someone completely different than who is actually was, I posed a question: what happens after breaking news is no longer breaking news?

I thought about it through out the entire class period and even now, 4 days later, I don’t really have an answer. This go tme to thinking about the DC bomber and and shootings where media outlets have swarmed to cover it for about 48-72 hours and then after that, any mention of it, almost vanishes.

For example, the Boston Marathon bomber, what ever happened to him? Why was his sentencing not as much of a breaking news story as the bombing itself? Is it because it took to long for authorities to find out answers, possibly. 

To me, society is a bunch of kids. Yeah, we’re adults, but we’re kids at heart (most of us). We like shiny, new, flashy things. Breaking news, is that shiny new toy under the Christmas tree we got when were 5, but after a few hours (maybe a week if our parents were lucky) we don’t care anymore. 

Media outlets realize this (at least it seems like they do) so they move on to the next story that will get them clicks, retweets and eyeballs to the screen, after all, it is a money making enterprise.

But still, shouldn’t someone (besides a Mizzou J-Schooler) be concerned about the aftermath of breaking news? It’s a little alarming. I guess it made me realize this is the side of journalism (or life in general) that I don’t like. People like results, people also like money. Money puts food on the table, gas in the car, and a roof over our heads. At the end of the day, if people don’t want a story’s loose ends to be tied up, they more than likely won’t.

I supposed I’m glad I realized it while I was still in college and not out in the “real world”.


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