Picking an Interest Area

Thousands of bright eyed freshmen enter the J-School every year excited about their future at the best journalism school in the country. They dream of getting the cover photo on Vox, or reporting for KOMU out in the field, but a lot of us really don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into when we start this four year (or more) journey through Mizzou’s Journalism School.

That’s why today’s class was so helpful. It broke down a few of the interest areas and really explained what we should expect as juniors and seniors.

I was always pretty sure my emphasis area would be Magazine Editing or Design, but after seeing one of my close friends struggle through her Missourian shift, I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t what I wanted. Like, at all. And today as the class was presented to me again, I realized I made the right decision.

It’s not that I’m lazy, or don’t think that no matter what path I take in the J-School it won’t be hard, it’s just that I need to do something gets me excited. Last year in my J1100 class when we talked about J2150, I got excited for it, I couldn’t wait to learn how to use all these programs and cameras, learning about the newsroom shift today, I didn’t get the same feeling.

I feel like all the professors that talked to our class today said it perfectly, yes, it’s going to be hard, we might cry, or scream, or get yelled at, but in the end, we’ll be better from it. We’ll appreciate it, we’ll know what to expect in the “real world” and hopefully we won’t make the same mistake.

Steve Rice said students enjoy this lecture most, and I can believe it, some of us move hundreds of miles away from home just for the J-School and to go into the last two years of this program and not knowing what to expect at all, can be a bit daunting. I appreciate todays class for further explaining things that I didn’t understand, but also helping me solidify the plans I had already made for myself.


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