So I’m definitely not new to the idea of creating a storyboard, my staff did them a lot in my high school newsroom, however, the advice on how to organize one another as a group, was very helpful.

You see, few people actually like group projects, especially in college (except for the lazy person that never does anything, that guy loves them). I hate the idea of depending on 4 other people to help me get a good grade just as much as the next girl, but as students we fail to realize that organization would really help us, like, a lot.

We are all adults here, right? So it’s about time we started acting like it. Part of that is accountability. Crazy concept, I know. Today in class we discussed a lot of things, but what to stuck out to me the most was making group members responsible for a particular facet of our final project. In doing this, it will be easy to quickly locate what is done and who did it, or, what is not done and who was responsible for doing it.

This will also help with communication because when one group member approaches another about work being done, it won’t seem like an attack because it would have been decided from the beginning who was supposed to be doing what.

I’m not sure who will be in my group yet, but my hope is that they were listening just as much as I was to the ideas given today because it will make a difference in how smoothly this project goes.

Fingers crossed.


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