Making it All Come Together

I never really thought about all that went in to creating a video with shots as detailed as the ones we watched in class Monday. Climbing a mountain is scary enough, climbing a mountain and trying to get good shots for a journalistic piece, is unreal to me.

It’s funny, people never think about everything that goes into a news story, or a documentary, honestly, I’ve never really thought of everything that goes into a news story or a documentary. That’s what is so cool about this class, journalistic pieces that we’ve been exposed to our entire lives get broken down and explained to us. And quite frankly, it makes me appreciate the work reporters do so much more than I did before.

Think about your favorite movie. Maybe it’s low budget, maybe it’s a documentary, more than likely, it’s at least an hour long which means the film crew probably got at least double the footage so they’d have options. The crew probably shot scenes from the ground, high above, and even possibly underwater. All for the sake of a compelling 60-120 minute film.


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