Good Golly, Miss Miley

Oh yeah, you already know, another post criticizing Miley Cyrus and her “wild” behavior as of late.

Wait a minute, that’s not right. I’m not going to harp on Miley at all, in fact, I applaud her. She’s 20 years old, she isn’t addicted to anything illegal, she hasn’t been arrested, she isn’t bankrupt and she’s made it a point to not to get caught creeping in and out of different celebrities’ beds. In fact, up until last week, Cyrus was in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth and Cyrus on the rec carpet at last years Grammys

So, why is everyone going crazy over Cyrus? She’s just growing up, right? Granted, most of us girls didn’t stick foam fingers near unmentionable places in front on millions of people, but we all age differently, I suppose.

What a lot of media sources have failed to mention is that Cyrus is a human being. Crazy concept, I know. She’s grown up in front of the camera her entire life and has essentially been told what to be and how to act. Now that she’s old enough to think for her own and no longer in the hands of Disney, she just wants to explore who she is. The difference is, she’s doing it in the public eye, mainly because she has no choice.

Promotional flyer for the Hannah Montana Movie

It all started when Cyrus decided to cut off her precious locs. Immediately people wondered what was wrong with her, how could she do such a thing. Uhh, have you ever had long hair, it is such pain, you actually have to do it every day. Maybe she was sick of it, or maybe she wanted a different look going into the third decade of her life, who knows? But instead of finding out the truth, it was obviously easier for people to assume she was crazy.

mc short hair
The first twit pic Cyrus sent out to the world after cutting her hair.

Then there was her random obsession with twerking, but was that really that weird? I mean, everyone was doing it, maybe she just wanted to fit in.

Cyrus twerking in the studio
Cyrus twerking in the studio

Things really went south when she dropped her first single from her soon to be released album Bangerz. “We Can’t Stop” showcased Cyrus in an interesting light. No longer were we getting the good old souther girl from Tennessee. All of a sudden there were Red Solo cups everywhere and lyrics that alluded to doing drugs in the bathroom.

This is what really causes us to take a step back and evaluate Cyrus’ behavior, but is it really that weird. There are millions of kids all over the country on college campuses doing the same things Cyrus’ song talked about (if not worse).

Cyrus continued to do some unmentionable things, but most of it didn’t come as a shock to the public. Now it has gotten to the point where most aren’t even surprised when Cyrus does something out of the ordinary, so the question is, why are we still treating it like its news? I guess I’m not really sure how to answer this. But I will say, if people were really sick of hearing about all of Cyrus’ happenings, they’d stop feeding it so much.

Yes, it’s that simple, I promise.


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