I’ve pretty much heard horror stories about every single journalism class I have to take while at Mizzou, but I think J2150 has come with the most horrific ones. Maybe I’m friends with some serious procrastinators, or maybe they really did get the “worst TA ever” but somehow, I doubt it.

I expect this class to be hard work, I know an A is not going to come easy, but that’s what I am striving for.

Even though I spent all four years on my high schools publication staffs taking pictures and writing articles, I am not the best when it comes to technology, which I realize is something I’ll need to hone in on, especially as a journalist. Whether I like it or not, its here to stay and its only going to get better (and possibly more difficult to understand).

I expect to be pushed academically, to want to give up, to be confused and probably question whether or not journalism is right for me (I already do that) but in the end, I expect to be a more well rounded journalist because of this class.

The thought of failing, or even not doing as well as I want, not only in this class, but in the J-School in general is definitely a scary one, but its a task I am willing and ready to take on. So this is my journey through the University of Missouri’s Journalism School. I am both excited and nervous and I’m diving in, head first.



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